Valle De Bravo, Mexico Paragliding Tours

Why Fly With Us

With over 25 years of flying experience and 10,000 flights, you are in good hands.

At Air Damien, we invite you to spread your wings over the stunning landscapes of Valle De Bravo, Mexico. As a premier paragliding company, we offer an array of experiences that cater to thrill-seekers and sky lovers of all levels. Join us for an adventure that transcends the ordinary, where the sky over Valle De Bravo becomes your playground.

Our Services

Airport Transport

Start your journey with ease. Our airport transport service provides a comfortable and hassle-free way to go from landing to soaring,

Accommodation Connection

Enjoy serene stays. We have partnerships with local hotels to offer you special accommodation,

Paragliding Lessons

Learn to fly over the breathtaking Valle De Bravo. Our comprehensive lessons include transport around launch sites and landing zones,

Tandem Flights

Feel the thrill of flight. Experience Valle De Bravo from the skies with our tandem flights,

Daily Inclusive Rate

Embrace a full day of adventure. Our all-inclusive daily rate gives you complete access to our services,

Ten Day Sky Explorer Package

For an extended adventure, choose our ten-day package.

Why Fly with Air Damien?

  • Experienced Pilots: Our team of certified instructors is passionate about paragliding and committed to providing a safe and exhilarating experience.

  • Incredible Valle De Bravo: Glide over the picturesque landscapes and waters of Valle De Bravo, a sight like no other.

  • Tailored Experiences: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, we offer personalized service to suit your needs.

  • Fly Different Sites: We are based at the world famous El Penon site and frequently visit other sites.

  • Learn to Thermal: Get expert tips and radio advice to thermal longer and higher than you ever have before!

  • Learn to XC Fly: Level up your flying by thermalling to new places and explore new areas of Mexico.

Book Your Flight

Are you ready to experience the magic of flight over Valle De Bravo? Contact us at to reserve your spot in the sky or to learn more about our offerings.

Safety First

We are fully committed to your safety in the air and on the ground.

World's Best Guides

Our Instructors are true professionals with Advanced licenses and endorsements.

Experience of a Lifetime

We provide an adventure like nothing you've ever experienced before.

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What's Included

Enjoy the flying. Let us take care of the rides to launch, instruction, and retrievals.

Rides to launch

Shuttle to and from your flying. Safely get you into the air and back on the ground.

Expert Training

Safety and site introduction with a USHPA Advanced Instructor.


We keep spares of most things that pilots forget including radios, varios, and USB chargers. And, of course sun screen.

Radio instruction

Count on your instructor to help you call your launch, final a thermal and set you up for success.

Water and Snacks

There's not much time to eat in the morning. So we bring the water and snacks.

Photos and videos

We'll be taking photos and videos of the action from the ground.

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