Multi-Day Paragliding Thermalling Clinic, Mexico

About the Clinic

Welcome to our Paragliding Thermalling Clinic, a once-in-a-lifetime experience designed for all those paragliding enthusiasts eager to refine their thermalling skills and ride the winds like never before! Hosted in the breathtaking landscapes of Mexico, our clinic merges exhilarating adventure with comprehensive learning under expert guidance.

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary skill set, knowledge, and confidence to harness the power of thermals effectively, and ultimately enjoy more fulfilling, longer, and safer flights. Whether you are a beginner looking to start your thermalling journey or an intermediate pilot wanting to brush up your skills, this clinic has something to offer for everyone.

Program Details

Our 5-day clinic comprises of:

  1. Theoretical Sessions: We begin with theory, including understanding thermals, their formation, and how to identify and harness them. Weather dynamics, risk management, and safety protocols are also covered in depth.
  2. Practical Training: Once we’ve covered the theory, we move onto practical training. You’ll be guided by certified professionals, practicing thermalling techniques in a safe, controlled environment.
  3. Guided Flying: Here’s where it gets even more exciting. Guided flights with radio support provide you with real-time feedback, helping you improve your thermal soaring techniques while enjoying the mesmerizing Mexican skies.
  4. Flight Analysis: Each day concludes with a debriefing session, where we analyze each participant’s flight to provide personalized feedback and improvement strategies.

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Location – Why Valle De Bravo, Mexico?

Choosing the right location for our Paragliding Thermalling Clinic was no accident. Valle de Bravo, Mexico, is often referred to as a paraglider’s paradise, and for good reason. The area’s unique geographical and meteorological conditions create a perfect thermalling environment, making it one of the best places in the world for paragliding and thermal training.

Consistent Thermals

The most distinguishing feature of Valle de Bravo is its consistent and predictable thermals. The sun-drenched mountainous landscape creates thermals that are strong and well-defined, perfect for both training and long, enjoyable flights. This consistency allows pilots to practice thermalling techniques with reliability, an essential aspect for developing skill and confidence.

Year-Round Flying Conditions

Valle de Bravo’s climate offers excellent year-round paragliding opportunities, with over 300 flyable days per year. The subtropical highland climate ensures comfortable temperatures and clear skies for most of the year, making it an ever-ready destination for your flying adventures.

Varied Terrain

The variety of the terrain around Valle de Bravo, including high plateaus, deep valleys, and lakes, makes it an ideal training ground for pilots of all levels. It offers different challenges and learning opportunities, helping pilots to understand and adapt to varying flight conditions.

Stunning Scenery

The flying experience in Valle de Bravo is not just about the technical aspects of paragliding. The natural beauty of this region makes every flight a mesmerizing experience. Soaring over the deep-blue Lake Avándaro, surrounded by lush forests and rugged mountain peaks, is an unforgettable visual treat.

Safety and Infrastructure

Valle de Bravo has a well-developed infrastructure for paragliding, with multiple launch and landing sites, professional rescue services, and equipment repair facilities. The presence of a vibrant local and international paragliding community adds to the safety and enjoyment of the experience.


Our instructors are highly experienced paragliders with thousands of flight hours and extensive teaching experience. They’re passionate about sharing their knowledge and are committed to ensuring you have a memorable and enriching experience.

Essential Equipment Checklist

Our Paragliding Thermalling Clinic is a hands-on experience where participants are expected to bring their own equipment. This enables you to learn and practice thermalling techniques using the gear you’re most familiar and comfortable with. Please ensure that you pack the following mandatory equipment before joining our clinic:

  1. Certified Paraglider: Your paraglider should be certified by a recognized authority for safety and reliability. It should be in good condition and suitable for your skill level. Remember, the right wing makes a huge difference in your thermalling experience.
  2. Certified Harness: A comfortable, certified harness is essential for prolonged flights. Make sure it fits well, is in good condition, and comes with all necessary safety features.
  3. Reserve Parachute: Safety is our top priority. A reserve parachute is a mandatory piece of equipment for all participants. It must be correctly packed and integrated into your harness.
  4. Helmet: A certified, full-face helmet that fits properly is crucial for your safety. Please make sure that it’s designed specifically for paragliding or other air sports.
  5. Dual-Band VHF Radio: Communication is key, especially during guided flying sessions. A fully charged dual-band VHF radio will ensure that you remain connected with our instructors and fellow participants at all times.
  6. Vario : A variometer or ‘vario’ is a useful device that indicates your rate of climb or descent. While not mandatory, it’s highly recommended for improving your thermalling technique.

Please ensure that all your equipment is checked, certified, and in good condition before arriving for the clinic. If you have any questions about the required gear, feel free to reach out to us.

Participant Requirements

To ensure the safety and efficiency of our Paragliding Thermalling Clinic, there are certain prerequisites that all participants must fulfill. A fundamental requirement is that all participants must have a P2 (Novice) rating or equivalent certification before enrolling in our clinic.

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If soaring higher and further is what you dream of, don’t hesitate! Take the first step in your thermalling journey with us and experience paragliding like never before.

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