About Us

About Us

Our Story

People call me Vampiro.
Only a few people know the story behind the nickname.

About 10-years ago, I landed out on the top of Crazy Thermal Mesa. I was faced with a three-mile hike to the nearest road with 40 pounds of gear. I came across a young boy. He offered to carry some of my gear to make some extra money.
On the hike out we got about a mile. And wham, he was bitten by a rattlesnake.
With few options, I applied a tourniquet to his leg, then began sucking the venom out of his wound. It was a bush fix, but it bought us enough time to get him to the hospital.
He was ok, but the legend began. The kids still tell the story of Vampiro, a man flies out of the sky and saves young children.
And so the name stuck.

Our Mission

Learn to fly safe. Leave with a smile.

Damien Mitchell

Advanced Instructor
Damien will be your "Instructor-in-your-ear" as you launch, climb out, and land.

Alondra Mejia

Booking Manager
Alondra will help coordinate your session and organize all the details. She is bi-lingual and aid you in any translation needs.

Carlos El Conductor

Driver and Launch Assistant
Carlos does all the heavy lifting - he drives, loads, and unloads gear. He also swears in two languages.

Careers With Us

We are a growing team and need full and part-time help to keep up with the demand.

We work 7-days a week and are always looking for drivers. Full-time and part-time.

We need English speaking tour guides who are familiar with all the signature tourist destinations in Valle de Bravo.

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