Valle De Bravo, Mexico Cross Country (XC) Paragliding Clinics

About The Clinic

Welcome to our world-renowned Cross Country (XC) Paragliding Clinic, held amidst the picturesque landscapes of Valle De Bravo, Mexico. This is the ideal destination for paragliding enthusiasts who seek the thrill of cross-country flight and yearn to soar like a bird over the magnificent peaks of El Peñón.

Our cross-country paragliding clinic is designed for intermediate and seasoned pilots who aim to improve their XC skills. Under the guidance of our certified and experienced instructors, participants will delve into the theory and practice of long-distance paragliding, learning how to maximize their flight distance and duration while effectively managing their safety.

Who is this Clinic For?

Our Cross Country (XC) Paragliding Clinic is specifically designed for intermediate and advanced pilots, those who are already comfortable in the saddle of a paraglider and looking to expand their horizons.

To derive the maximum benefit from this clinic, pilots should have a proven track record of being able to consistently identify and utilize thermals. This is crucial, as a large part of the course will involve fine-tuning these skills to enable longer, more efficient flights.

If you are an intermediate or advanced pilot looking to enhance your cross-country paragliding skills, this clinic is perfectly tailored for you. Together, we'll help you master the art of thermal riding, finesse your landing techniques, and enhance your overall cross-country flight strategy.

Join us and take the next step in your paragliding journey amidst the picturesque landscapes of Valle De Bravo!

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Valle De Bravo, often referred to as the ‘Paragliding Paradise’, is located just a short distance from Mexico City. Its stunning lake and mountainous terrain provide an ideal environment for consistent thermal activity. The flight site, El Peñón, is a soaring hotspot known for its reliable flying conditions and unparalleled beauty.

What We Offer

  • Comprehensive Training: Our clinic covers all aspects of XC paragliding, from pre-flight planning, meteorology, and equipment handling to in-flight techniques like thermal soaring, ridge soaring, and transitioning.
  • Personalized CoachingWe maintain a low student-to-instructor ratio, enabling personalized attention and coaching tailored to your skill level and goals.
  • Ground School Sessions: Ground school sessions will cover advanced theory, including understanding weather patterns, mastering GPS and flight instruments, learning efficient thermaling, and studying XC strategies.
  • Tandem Flights: For those not ready to venture solo, we offer tandem flights with seasoned pilots, providing an opportunity to experience the thrill of XC paragliding in a controlled and safe manner.
  • Safety Briefings: Safety is our utmost priority. We conduct extensive safety briefings, covering emergency procedures, equipment checks, and safe launch and landing techniques.
  • Retrieve Service: For cross-country flights, we provide a retrieve service. Once you've landed, our ground team will pick you up and bring you back to the launch site.

Join Us!

Experience the rush of XC paragliding amidst Mexico’s stunning landscapes and under its blue, thermal-rich skies. Join our Cross Country (XC) Paragliding Clinic in Valle De Bravo and elevate your paragliding skills to new heights. Contact us today to book your spot!