The Best Months for Paragliding in Valle de Bravo, Mexico: Why November and December Reign Supreme

Paragliding is an adventure that transcends mere sport; it’s an experience that allows you to feel the wind against your face, the sky beneath your wings, and the Earth far below your feet. When it comes to choosing the perfect destination for this aerial journey, Mexico offers some unparalleled options. One spot that consistently garners accolades from paragliders around the globe is Valle de Bravo.

Valle de Bravo, a quaint town in the State of Mexico, approximately two hours away from Mexico City, is a haven for paragliding. Its lush landscape, punctuated by the tranquil Lake Avándaro, and reliable thermals make it a paragliding utopia. But like any paradise, timing is everything. So when is the best time to paraglide in Valle de Bravo? After taking into account factors like weather conditions, crowd sizes, and thermal activity, the answer becomes clear: November and December.

Perfect Weather Conditions

In November and December, Valle de Bravo enjoys mild temperatures ranging from 50°F to 75°F (10°C to 24°C). During these months, the skies are typically clear, and the wind conditions are stable—two critical factors for a safe and enjoyable paragliding experience. The absence of extreme weather phenomena like thunderstorms or excessive wind makes this season ideal for novices and experts alike.

Reliable Thermal Activity

Thermal activity is the bread and butter of paragliding. In Valle de Bravo, the cooler mornings and warm afternoons during November and December create the perfect environment for thermals to form. These rising currents of warm air are what keep paragliders aloft, allowing them to stay in the air longer and explore the beautiful vistas that the area has to offer. The thermals during these months are often described as “gentle but consistent,” making for a smooth and long-lasting flight. Check out our thermal paragliding clinics!

Less Crowded Skies

While Valle de Bravo is a popular paragliding destination all year round, it tends to be less crowded in November and December. Many people often wait until the holiday rush in late December or the warmer months to take their vacations. By choosing to paraglide in Mexico during these months, you’re not only optimizing for better weather conditions but also for a less crowded experience. This can be particularly beneficial for those who are new to the sport and may find busy skies intimidating.

Local Events and Festivities

Visiting Valle de Bravo in November and December also offers the advantage of experiencing local cultural events. Whether it’s the Day of the Dead celebrations in early November or Christmas festivities in December, you’ll get to partake in or witness authentic Mexican traditions, adding another layer to your adventure.


For paragliders looking to take advantage of excellent weather, reliable thermal activity, and less crowded skies, November and December are the best months to visit Valle de Bravo. As with any adventure sport, it’s always best to check with local experts and paragliding schools for the most current weather forecasts and safety guidelines. However, if you plan your trip during these months, you’re already setting yourself up for an unparalleled paragliding experience.

So, pack your gear, brush up on your Spanish, and prepare for a memorable skyward adventure in the heart of Mexico!

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